Organic trade fairs in Spain, on the spotlight

Spain is placked, this first half of 2019, with organic and non-organic trade fairs which take place either in Barcelona or in Madrid. Here is a brief review of the ones we have attended recently.  Ecosalud in Barcelona  celebrated on 12-14 April 2019...

Arla Foods, a call to science

“Facts based on science are disappearing today in the food sector”, said Peder Tuborgh, Arla Foods CEO to the audience at the World Food Summit, which took place in Copenhagen on 30-31 August 2018, and where more than 300 experts, ministers and officers, CEOS, cooking...

GAIN, milk ATMS in Kenya

Milk ATMs in Kenya offer consumers the chance to buy good quality pasteurised milk in flexible quantities.

Fruchee, creamy guilt free treat

Awarded in SIAL Paris 2016, the innovative dairy snack Fruchee came back to SIAL Paris 2018, with a less child oriented packaging design, although children remain one of their main targets.

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