Article published at the "International Dairy Magazine" including plant-based products and promotion of milk consumption

Dairy trends – International Dairy Magazine – July 2019- English edition

Here is the second part of the article published in the German publication “International Dairy magazine“. In the July edition of the dairy trade magazine, I wrote about an emerging trend in Europe, the plant-based products.  

Dairy sector
  • INLAC – Promoting the benefits of milk

INLAC (the Spanish dairy Interprofessional organisation), recently highlighted its successful actions in the sector and public opinion in Spain, reminding the public that dairy intake throughout our life is important for our health. The Royal Decree 1181/2018 implemented early this year in Spain reinforced the mandatory assignment by all dairy producers and manufacturers to include the origin of the milk used as ingredient in dairy products, such as yogurt, cream, whey, butter, cheese and derivatives.

Say yes to at least three dairy products a day.

Source: INLAC

According to the organisation, many Spanish consumers wanted to consume national products, so now the information is more transparent, they are now able to see these data clearly on the product packaging. INLAC also started a campaign last year (“Say yes to at least  three dairy products a day”) to promote the dairy consumption of 3 dairy pieces. The outcomes of this first edition were so successful that the initiative, cofinanced by the EU will be continued in 2019 and in 2020. And last but not least, some Spanish schools have been part sensitised to the benefits of the cheese, as “This is cheese” campaign was organised on the International Cheese Day.

Plant-based yogurt
  • TOMM´POUSSE: Plant-based cheese… made in France!

Tomm´Pousse is a French brand of plant-based cheese created in 2016 by Emmanuel Joubert, an entrepreneur who left his job of marketer in a multinational. He introduced through his handcrafted vegetal “Tomme” (a name originally attributed to cheese from the Savoy, Provence and Dauphine) a fresh product which could be “good, healthy and yummy”, according to the brand, closely linked to his founder´s eco-consciousness.

Today the brand offers six products: CamemVert natural, with sage, black garlic, fresh herbs, olives, black & pink pepper, distributed in BIO and vegan online shops and grocery stores in France and Europe too. Tomm´Pousse office is located in the United Kitchens space, a huge kitchen of 600 m2 for chefs and food entrepreneurs based in Nanterre (north west of Paris). &

Plant-based yogurt
  • FERMÈ: Fermented cheese for vegans

Have you noticed a new food-phenomenon called “fermentation”? Here is a fresh and natural experience coming from Italy. Eurocompany awarded company with its product “Fermè” at the Food Matters Live 2018 show (“Best natural ingredient of the year”) launches this Spring in France, UK and Germany its product range composed by fermented cashews in oilseeds, water and salt, and voilà! Four SKUs (Original, Black Pepper, Paprika and Herbs, Flowers flavours) and the spreadable lines (Original, Chive and Pepper & Basil variants) are now available in bio shops and grocery stores. Fermè products include the “fermentino” method created by the Italian Chef Daniela Cicioni. Buono appetito!

Plant-based yogurt

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