Origenal Story was initially launched as a hybrid marketing agency in 2014 and was founded in order to reconsider the way we used to do business in the sectors of agrifood, food and ingredients

Today, six years later, when a pandemic virus Covid-19 hits the whole planet, Origenal Story has been upgraded to a next level. It is now an international B2B ecosystem where multidisciplinary talents are being connected to create awareness of our nature and biodiversity in the sectors of food, ingredients and cosmetics

In the framework of Origenal Story, food entrepreneurs, CEOs, researchers, artists, thinkers or producers are interacting in order to enrich each other´s spirit and in order to raise awareness regarding our lifestyle and eating habits. 

Let’s create an Origenal Story. Let´s take a stand for the respect towards nature and towards our true values.

“My curious and entrepreneurial spirit combined with the passion for our nature, agrifood and food science led me to create a new concept which combines different disciplines –creativity, public relations, journalism, branding, marketing, life science and arts- in order to create awareness of our biodiversity.”

Claudia Vasquez Alarcon, Origenal Story´´ s founder
Claudia Vasquez Alarcon, Origenal Story´s founder

The roots of Origenal Story can be traced back to its founder and director, the continuously curious entrepreneur Claudia Vasquez Alarcon.With almost 20 years of experience as international manager in Branding and Marketing in US multinationals and matrix business environments, Claudia has been specialised, over the last decade, in sustainability regarding agri-food, food and ingredients, including GMOs & organic agriculture.  With her clients based in Europe, US and Latin America, she mixed her portfolio as Marketing Communications consultant and also as an international journalist covering BtoB trade fairs, summits and conferences.

After living and studying in both Europe and Chile (and graduating as a Master in Foreign Trade and International Management in Bordeaux and Madrid in 2001, and a Master in Journalism in Barcelona in 1999), Claudia enjoys bringing new business opportunities to her international clients and collaborators, connections and adding innovative ‘food for thoughts’ regarding the current food system.