Louise Browaeys featured in the interview done by Origenal Story

Louise Browaeys is a French consultant, facilitator, conference speaker and trainer specialised in social responsability and agriculture. The three points of her magical triangle she follows for her life are happiness, frugality and responsability. “If we work towards these three poles, I believe we go towards a more conscious world”, she said.

Following to Louise’s personal decision, she has asked not to include the interview done by Skype at the end of April 2020. Please find below some extracts of her thoughts.

00:54 During her childhood, she grew up gardening, cultivating some vegetables, later on, as a teenager, she started cooking some recipes. She wanted to know more about nutrition, so she decided to study agronomy as she grew up with strong roots to the soil.

“You can be the change you would like to see in the world and you can change your view of perspective to work better with others as you are connected to nature”

01:30 Louise has been involved in the “world of living beings” while concerned with landscapes, vegetable gardens, cooking and nutrition. Then, she joined professional projects about organic products. The world of collectivity and human organisations were merged with the vegetal world she knew well. “I found a parallelism between a permaculture in the field and a human permaculture, which is a way to work together and to give life to common areas”, Louise added. “It seems to me that school doesn´t teach you enough about the human collective”.

02: 20 At Synabio, a French network of  organic food companies, Louise learnt about entrepreneurship. “If we have some respect towards the earth, soil, living beings, such as plants, then we must also show respect towards co-workers and towards future generations and towards our clients.

03:10 Louise mentions that human beings are surrounded by three ecology systems: “the first is the link to the nature and biodiversity; the second is the relational ecology which tells us how we work together as human beings; and the third is the spiritual link with ourselves, with an internal ecology and our capacity to discern the right information when we are getting overloaded with useless and suspicious stories.

04:21″You can be the change you would like to see in the world and you can change your view of perspective to work better with others as you are connected to nature“. 

04:34 The short book called “The conscious and living company” summarizes my experience of 5-10 years regarding social responsibility in company enviroments. I am exploring the question: How can we make our work meaningful while adding the approach of social responsibility to our company?

About giving empowerment to your team

05:45 “I think the creativity of teams in a company is under-estimated. Companies are not aware enough about the amount of ideas that can be internally created.”

10 testimonials of entrepreneurs created great inspirations for Louise´s book and will be helpful to guide consultants, general managers and social responsability managers.

06:49 “I often ask companies: what makes you happy?” My answer is a recommendation of one of the permaculture´s founders: “Pleasure is also part of the production of a company!”. This question is crucial for any company, or even for someone who starts a healthy diet…what does make you feel happy?

08:00 A critical pillar for a company is governance and ask How are decisions made? Are they made by the management team, a reduced team?  

08:48 For the executive commitee, it is inspiring to know why we do business, the reason why, which can be found by the management board or a little group. Once the goal is set, and the collective goal is agreed, then it is easier to identify the how.

10:00 Giving autonomy to your staff is key, but empowrement takes some time to be in executed.     

10:45 Today, in Covid-19 times, one of the main challenge companies are currently facing is to provide a real freedom for its collaborators. What seems to be an opportunity for companies to accompany their employees from a personal and professional perspective can end sometimes into their own regret.

11:00 Few companies are doing some efforts to help their staff reconnect with their emotions and interests. Sometimes, this experience might end into new business opportunities for their staff to set up their own business and to fly with their own winds.

11:45 It takes between 3, 4, 5 up to 10 years to create new awareness within a company, which is more or less the same amount of time for the conversion from a dead soil (after continuous chemical treatment) into a living soil.

12:40 People are sometimes so connected with their real beliefs, emotions that they are act as real engines … they are connected with their fears and wrath. Sometimes some tensions are created in the company as the staff feels they can´t create or transmit what they have been learning in the company.

14:00 On 26th August 2020, Louise Browaeys will be launching, in France, her new novel “The dislocation”. 

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