Origenal Story acted as international PR Consultant for the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT)  The Beauty of Sourcing with Respect conference in Paris on June 2018.

Here are the tasks we were in charge on behalf of UEBT :

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UHTCO, a Canadian food import and exporting company, hired Origenal Story to produce a marketing presentation to promote the new concept of their products, based on fish-canned products. 

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Passina, a global key player in passion fruit applications and products, took part in SIAL Paris, with their full range of newly branded products which were shared with their clients and partners.

Passina shared their expertise regarding the juice sector and their approach to new sectors such as food ingredients, confectionary and cosmetics at the international food trade fair .

Origenal Story acted as a Marketing and Communication Project Manager, coordinating the production agency and designer to establish and create the Passina booth. We set up the stand and took care of all details, we supervised the finalization, the printing, shipping, delivery and display of the materials which were displayed.

During four years of collaboration, we have been performing the following projects with Passina :

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The Dutch manufacturer of plant-based organic products Abbot Kinney´s contacted Origenal Story to launch an influencer campaign in Spain.

Origenal Story designed a personalised package including a brochure and products and coordinated the printing and the delivery to Spanish influencers.

Almost 50 Spanish influencers were addressed. They posted attractive stories and original recipes.

The achieved projects during our collaboration were :

The results were outstanding :

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Rude health, an English innovative food and drinks company, specialised in organic food, hired Origenal Story to translate all recipes for breakfast and snack products from English to Spanish.

Although food translation might seem an easy task to be done, there are many specific words that might seem the right ones to describe a technique but they are not that accurate and adapted to the food sector.

Food recipes are now displayed in Rude health’s website and muesli, granola and snack bars in Spanish and Latin american retailers and bio products shops.

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rude health
“Claudia worked for Rude Health with the utmost professionalism and efficiency in translating English copy for our Spanish webpage. It was important for us that brand tone of voice was maintained, despite the language switch, and Claudia was brilliantly conscientious about this. She is brilliantly collaborative and easy to work with. We highly recommend her services.”

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Phytorich by Takii


The European subsidiary of the Japanese seed-company Takii hired Origenal Story to unveil different marketing and PR projects before Fruit Logistica 2020, the largest international Fresh produce trade fair in Europe. Takii Europe launched in February 2020 Phytorich a new concept of vegetable products rich in phytonutrients.

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Claudia, owner of Origenal Story, for three months, during which she conducted market research and has set-up a PR-campaign prior to the launch of our Phytorich concept. Above all, we are impressed with Claudia's ability to raise awareness by using her network and infectious enthusiasm. And, of course, her passion for anything that has to do with innovation, sustainability and health. Claudia would be a real asset for any marketing project requiring a PR 'heavyweight' or brand strategist and comes with our heartfelt recommendation."
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On behalf of Interko, Dutch company specialised in fruit ripening technology, Origenal Story acted as a free-lance Marketing consultant. We connected part of their team, namely an international sales manager and a technical manager, to Origenal Story potential leads in Europe and Latin America during Fruit Attraction 2017, one of the largest european fresh produce trade fair, based in Madrid, Spain.


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Comexposium, a French key player in trade exhibitions, validated, for two editions in a row, 2016 and 2014, Origenal Story proposal to present, in an interactive way, international market research results and global consumer trends to more than 150,000 international trade visitors.

Through its well-known international food trade fair, SIAL Paris, Comexposium shares the main trends and the most innovative food products with its partners such as Euromonitor or Nielsen.

In 2016, Origenal Story´s tasks as a Project Manager and Creative Director for interactive projects included in the VIDEOS:

At SIAL INNOVATION area, Origenal Story created new audiovisual pieces to create awareness in four initiatives regarding the topics urban farming, no waste, super-consumer, robots with the help of Protéines XTC and TNS/Nielsen.

In 2014, Origenal Story performed the following projects :

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Mornings4, Spanish food tank composed by change makers, talented and innovative persons , launched due to Covid-19 a non-profit digital platform This professional initiative made up of 50 companies and 500 “makers” coordinated and managed medical 3D material for nearly 780 hospitals and hospital centers in Spain with the aim of saving the lives of Spanish patients in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mornings 4 hired Origenal Story services as :

“Due to the high impact of the Covid-19 situation, we had to run to cross borders and continents, to move forward a solution that minimizes the effects in the sanitary world. We've all been running for creating a big butterfly effect using 3D printing solutions, to create material for that high demand, arriving at every hospital and medical centers around the country. Thankfully the support of Origenal Story we reached an impressive impact on the press at worldwide level and we could help where they needed it”.
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