Yana Steudel, food chemist and food entrepreneur, started her business ‘Turn food to event‘ in order to bring pearls of life to both households and restaurants.

The magic of food chemistry is revealed in Yana’s interview. She discovered her own passion after spending working for a publishing magazine related to food. She enjoys cooking and serving new dishes so this new professional adventure combines her academic background, her knowledge about food chemistry and her skills for cooking. You might be inspired and willing to enhance one of your dishes with Yana’s formulas.

A gourmet product is a result of love and passion and also emotions linked to our memories.

As a food developer, Yana’s pearls of vinegar are unique with a distinguished aroma and taste:  mango pearl vinegar, bergamot saké pearls, black garlic pearls, crème de cassis pearls are melting smoothly in your mouth. You might see a small round pearl but Yana spent many days and weeks to get the right texture and taste in your mouth. So many organoleptic aspects are also important in this project.  

Food gourmet products

Her products are found today in German and French restaurants as gourmet products which are customized according to the clients’ preferences.

Fresh, colorful and fruity balsam vinegar with 45% of fruit which combines the acidity and sweetness of ripe mango. 

Tasteful with: 

  • seafood like prawns, lobster, scallops
  • fish e.g. carpaccio or tartars
  • white meat as chicken or rabbit
  • salads including fruit salads
  • blue cheese as Roquefort or Stilton or matured goat cheese
  • ice cream like white chocolate

The artist Lyne Fromiga created hand-painted plates from the collection “bouche rouge” (red lips). She describes that the Basque country and Japan are her countries of inspiration. 

Yana Steudel worked together with Lyne Fromiga to prepare a pack inspired by the ‘bouche rouge’ collection, which has got the same spirit as the pearls – joy, surprise, creativity, and emotions.

The ‘Food and Love’ pack includes:

  • choose 1 glass of pearls of your choice
  • 1 unique plate hand-painted by Lyne Fromiga
  • 1 tweezers for the pearls
  • 2 recipes developed for you with the pearls of your choice

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