Elena Cano Díaz used the skills of her initial career as a graphic designer for all the jobs she has been involved in: manager of her own restaurant, school manager, Senior consultant and Manager for organic waste companies. Everything she has learnt over all these years has become complementary and this has helped her to create and consolidate new business opportunities. Through her life, she has acquired a curious, self-educating and entrepreneurial spirit and she enjoys helping others.

In this video, Elena shared with us her latest professional projects related to organic waste management in Mexico. Unfortunately, there is no law to promote the adoption of organic waste in businesses or by citizens. Many regulations have been recommended, however this is not enough. On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Ecology in Mexico there are not enough economic resources to regulate the environment in the country or to set up sustainable initiatives but there are so many European companies and also funds to help Mexican entrepreneurship and projects!

The current situation in Mexico is as follows:

  • Seven tonnes of food waste are generated daily in hotels located in the touristic area of Riviera Maya and thanks to bioreactors, hotel resorts can start producing their own soil instead of buying the same. 
  • Besides tourism, Jalisco, as a region, is well-known for producing Tequila. Elena and her team set up 15 composting plants in hotel resorts there. 

So if we have to educate people and companies about sustainable initiatives, which is the situation about organic waste education?

Recycling materials and residues are part of a sustainable culture but few recycling bins are seen in Mexico´s streets today. Education and culture are important tools when it comes to teach sustainability to children and their parents.

Listen to Elena´s insights (in English) and be inspired by potential new projects there in Guadalajara, where she lives!

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