his story is about local entrepreneurship helping farmers and food entrepreneurs located in Catalonia, as a pilot project with the goal of extending this adventure into a national experience.
Sandra Queralt and Joey Masip are based in Lleida, a catalan city where agriculture plays a considerable role in the local economy.
As software developers and co-founders of Slow code agency, they both decided to give some help to their families and relatives which are in the agrifood business and starting to promote their products through the on-line food platform “PagesOn” (Farmers On).

Covid-19 helped to convert their idea into a tangible project which now displays more than 100 food products.

What Claudia Vasquez, Origenal Story´s founder, liked about this fresh initiative is that the young entrepreneurs decided to focus on local fresh and food products targeted to local community and based on an handcrafted and limited-production.

Watch and listen to this OrigEnal Story!

Check Pages On website here: https://pageson.net/es/

“It is so important to keep the connection with the local community”

Joey Masip, co-founder of PagesOn

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