Brigitte Martinez is an integrative and therapeutic coach. She starts the interview with a crucial question which matters to all of us: “Who am I? Our journey – through life – is framed by experiences and people.”
Brigitte was born in Casablanca, Morocco, to a Valencian mother and an Andalousian father who both learnt to speak and interact in Arabic.

When she was 16 years old, she moved to France. She went to school to be an interior design architect and she launched her own business. Once the economic situation in Morocco improved, she moved back to Casablanca to create a Moroccan association to promote interior design and to support the local craft. She created cultural centres abroad. She met mentors and decided to go back to France. Her social background was associated to her professional network.

As soon as you realise who you are, you can mentally progress towards the direction of your desire. Brigitte realized that there are some types of experiences which are not appreciated by many people.

02:00: While the world was undergoing the Covid-19 crisis, many economical sectors started suffering, even agricultural and food sectors. Only people can transform a business who are fully aware of their destination and motivation. While we can observe a kind of achieving power within our inner self, there will be always elements which may hold us back. Our mind and body have limits.

Quantum physics is the foundation of matter, life and awareness

02:30: Coaches can provide tools to you which support your transformation – which help you change your mindset in order to no longer be terrified of things which scared you before.

02:45 > 04:15: “Thoughts and emotions are an essential part of our awareness. Physical sensations are added to it, like pleasure or pain. Often, the pressure of suffering leads us to action while instead, actions out of joy and in enjoyment lead to better results.

06:00: “Your thoughts and emotions are vibrations of electromagnetic energy. Quantum physics is the foundation of matter, life and awareness”, says Brigitte Martinez. Our thoughts and emotions create a vibration which we perceive as reality.

07:00 When you are pregnant or suffer from cancer, you feel pain and fear.
You have to empower yourself, which is most important, you have to project yourself into the future and at the same time remember good experiences from your past“, Brigitte added.

08:00 When you feel passion, excitement and motivation within yourself and towards other people, you can materialize up to 75% of your transformation potential.

10:10: If I have enough visualisation and motivation to put my projects into action, I will attract people and factors to make my projects happen.

11:40 When you have a clear vision of future, all positive affirmations related to a project on hand will expand your body´s energy, vitality, concentration, and intelligence and will essentially upgrade your mental clarity and potential.

Underlying principles are the law of attraction and the power of the quantum field.

13:35 > 15:00 : “All I have created in my life I supported by positive affirmations and sensations which I wanted to be real. Projects I approached with this mindset took me months or years. Your own energy can always get manifested, thoughts become things“, Brigitte points out. The particular way she went through her efforts will be mentioned later. As soon as the values of an entrepreneur or general manager can be aligned with his/her employees and the recruitment process, the company’s performance is as good as it gets.

16:00: Thanks to all professional and relational levels in Brigitte’s life, and her experience, her support is based on her experience. She was at first an architect, then a global designer, then a painter. She is representant of more than 100 artists. She is a singer, she is engaged as art therapist and as SANE expert + and instructor.

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