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Baibor Rice & Food is one the largest Spanish rice producer and seller who exports mostly 90% of its production. Considered also as one of the main European players in rice production, Baibor Rice & Food stands out as the second largest rice producer through its cooperatives part of Cooperativa arrocera Arrozua.

Due to Covid-19, rice production at Baibor suddenly multiplied by 4 and part of the goods dedicated to exports moved to the national market due to the first emergency requests by the Spanish retailers.

Origenal Story´s interview with Marisol Baixauli Borja, General Manager of Baibor Rice & Food took place at the beginning of the Covid-19, and in the middle of the shopping crisis, when consumers were fulling their caddies just before the lockdown. This was the first interview done for the Origenal Story´s vlog and we found the great ingredients to create an Origenal Story.

  • Numbers: 120,000 t of rice are being produced in 12,000 has and cultivated and manipulated by 800 people located in Isla Mayor, located in the South of Spain, close to Guadalquivir´s river.  As most of the sales are done in foreign markets, Baibor Rice & Food presence is regular in international trade fairs such as Gulf food, SIAL Paris or Anuga.
  • Impact: 800 people are working for the cooperatives to the company Baibor Rice & Food business.  The company is highly engaged with its social community.
  • Origens and roots: History dates back to the 1920s, when two English merchants Mr Remy Eric Fisher and Lord Alfred Milner, embarked to a boat trip down to the Guadalquivir river, which Banks were similar to the landscape of the Nile in Egypt. The company Islas del Guadalquivir was then founded with the support from the Spanish Crown as it represented a considerable investment from the UK and Germany. Twenty years later, two families from Valencia region, expert in rice, settled down at Isla Mayor and started a trade business in organic mineral fertilisers who then converted into a rice business.
  • Consciousness: Together with his brother, Vicente Baixauli, Marisol Baixauli is highly engaged with Baibor’s partners and clients and also offers any additional support they might need. “Customer relationship is also based on an emotional support”, said Marisol during the interview. So she created during the Covid-19 an e-mail to receive by mail all positive contributions, initiatives and projects unveiled by the people she knows to confirm we can get ahead, at all levels, besides the odds.

P.D. Since we did the interview, Marisol has been involved as a volunteer in the initiative called “Cocina Solidaria” (Solidarity kitchen”), coordinated by a social-inclusion restaurant “Universo Santi” who collects donations to serve 1,000 menus per day to persons in need. She was nominated also as Embassador for this restaurant, creating awarness of the initiative to her contacts.

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