In the Berlin market of Markhalle Neun, where all noise resounds and where beautiful food projects are bubbling, we met Margaux Friocourt. Margaux shares with us her vision about French oysters in Berlin through her business, Fish Klub Berlin.In this Origenal Story’s video, it’s all about seafood education and communication, about sustainable fishing food or teaching to eat according to the availability of the fish. And it is not an easy task when you live in a European capital away from the sea.

Sustainable seafood, a luxury product

In Germany, oysters are considered as a luxury product so Berlin consumers had to be educated, for instance, on the consumption of natural, seasonal, non-sterile, non-triploid oysters, as well as on the seasonality.

In order to create awareness of sustainabile fishing, Fish Klub Berlin distributes English newsletters to its clients and seafood amateurs. Therefore, Margaux educates also consumers from Berlin about the types of fish, the ways to cook them, about recipes and she presents some suggestions to inspire many of you!

Margaux is engaged with the environment. She enhances the proximity of her store to the sea, the according environment and she leverages collaborations with oyster producers, fishmongers, fishermen and sustainable fishing practices.

At the end of the interview, Margaux shares her vision about the future she foresees regarding the consumption of fish and seafood by end consumers.

Seafood products in Fish Klub Berlin come from French partners mainly.

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